Class 3

Spring Term

Our topic this half-term is called Passport to Europe

Pupils will focus on a region of Spain as they consider questions such as:

  • Where is the region located? How far away is this region? How might people travel there?
  • What is the physical geography like e.g. climate, landscape, rivers, mountains etc? What distinctive features does the region have?
  • What is the human geography like e.g. settlement size, transport, tourist attractions, economic activity and trade links?
  • Why have towns and cities developed where they are?
  • How does location, climate etc. have a bearing on economic activity in the region?
  • What are the lives of children in this region like? How are their lives similar to ours? What would it be like to live in this place?

Our English lessons will focus on two text types: Non-chronological reports and stories based on Gulliver’s travels. Within this, they will design pages of travel brochures detailing information they have collected.

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