Online Safety


DP5 coverDigital Parenting

Vodafone have updated their Digital Parenting magazine.  The current edition includes:
– Digital Superheroes
– Parent or oversharent
– Digital Life Skills

The most recent copy of the Digital Parenting Magazine can be found here

Think U Know is a great site for parents and carers with practical tips and simple guidance on how to keep your child safe online.  Children can go on this site and find age appropriate content and there is a section dedicated to parents and carers.

CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protectionblue_large_final Click CEOP gif (3)
CEOP is a law enforcement agency that keeps young people safe from harm on the Internet. Click below to get help, advice and report anything that makes you or your child feel uncomfortable.


Childnet International
Childnet International will help you find information you need to keep your child safe online. Whether you are puzzled by parental controls or would like to know more about gaming, this website can help.

Acceptable Use Policy

Within our school we understand the importance of teaching our children to use ICT safely. The attention of parents and carers will be drawn to the Online safety rules and these will both be sent home for parents to discuss and sign with pupils.

They are as follows:

  • I will only use ICT in school for school purposes.
  • I will not bring equipment e.g. a mobile phone or mobile games consoles into school unless specifically asked by my teacher.
  • I will only use the Internet and/or online tools when a trusted adult is present.
  • I will only use my class e‐mail address or my own school email address when emailing.
  • I will not deliberately look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty.
  • I will not deliberately bring in inappropriate electronic materials from home.
  • I will not deliberately look for, or access inappropriate websites.
  • If I accidentally find anything inappropriate I will tell my teacher immediately.
  • I will only communicate online with people a trusted adult has approved.
  • I will make sure that all ICT contact with other children and adults is responsible, polite and sensible.
  • I will not give out my own, or others’, details such as names, phone numbers or home addresses.
  • I will not tell other people my ICT passwords.
  • I will not arrange to meet anyone that I have met online.
  • I will only open/delete my own files.
  • I will not attempt to download or install anything on to the school network without permission.
  • I will be responsible for my behaviour when using ICT because I know that these rules are to keep me safe.
  • I know that my use of ICT can be checked and that my parent/ carer contacted if a member of school staff is concerned about my eSafety.
  • I understand that failure to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy may result in disciplinary steps being taken in line with the school’s Behaviour Policy.