Vision and Values


The Governors and staff at Forton School are an active community who promote the values and attitudes of respect, consideration, co-operation and concern for each other and the wider community, whilst embracing the diverse world in which we are lucky enough to live in.

We offer a balanced and inclusive curriculum that  is delivered to allow all children to be confident, honest, courteous, articulate and encourage an active enquiry on all aspects of the world around them.

Our Vision at Forton School is to be a safe, secure learning environment where all our pupils can ‘shine’ academically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, morally and creatively.

Our Aims

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum and a range of extra curricular opportunities, which will inspire a love of learning, raise pupils achievements and will enable each child to shine in all areas.

To provide for the social and moral development of each child.

To provide a safe, caring, friendly and structured working environment for children and staff.

To encourage a positive working relationship between staff, children, parents and governors.

To maintain close links with the village community.

Assembly Themes

Our assembly themes for this year can be found in the document below:

Assembly Themes 2018-2019